Banque Populaire

The Banque Populaire banks are a part of the Banque Populaire Group. There are 20 subsidiaries of this body. Under its cooperative status, customers of all institutions can become stake-holders. Now, nearly 3.2 million member-stakeholders and forty five thousand employees work for the institution. Moreover, Banque Populaire is expanding with large leaps as many companies decide to merge with the bank. Some of them are Credit Maritime Mutuel and Credit Cooperatif, among others.

The net income of the institution amounts to nearly €5.5 million, and the bank’s branch network reaches the figure of 77. Some of the banks have merged to form major regional players. For example, the New Banque Populaire Occitane is a product of the merger between Banque Populaire Toulouse-Pyrenees and Banque Populaire Occitane.

Banque Populaire Group offers business start ups and buyout loans in France. It maintains partnership with SOCAMA and the European Investment Fund. Some of its innovative products are client-based loans with no individual guarantees and buy-in/buy-out financing. Also, Microloan financing is one of the prerogatives of Banque Populaire and means of solidarity-based financing.

In addition, the bank supports environment projects such as “CODEVair” by means of a lowered interest rate for the funding of environmental schemes. Banque Populaire also participates in the organization of concerted efforts in malaria combating: not a dangerous disease in the developed countries, but a disaster which kills 2 million people every year worldwide.

Besides the bank is known as the “Bank of Sailing,” as one of the major partners of sports` events. The institution is engaged in a number of sailing activities such as windsurfing, preservation of the national marine heritage, renovation of fishing vessels, etc.

To summon the bank’s activities, they are concentrated in three directions: supporting culture (young musicians, for example), social activities (assisting disabled people to integrate in society), and environmental projects.

Except for its highly humanitarian approach to core social values, the bank takes strong security measures in its online banking operations. The aim is to prevent the risk of fraud and to develop added-value services by providing for card-based strong authentication solutions. The system is called XIRING and enables clients to perform their remote transactions in full confidence. In this manner, the Internet shopping follows a similar mode to making purchases at a local store.

The bank policy has proved successful given the following figures: 7 million customers and one of the largest retail networks in France.

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