Credit Agricole

Credit Agricole is the largest retail banking group in France with a stock market index - CAC 40. The institution was founded in 2000, boosting current levels of yearly revenue at 28.5 billion euros. The headquarters are located in Paris, the number of employees stands at approximately 165 000 bank officials, and the clients have skyrocketed to 21 million.

The main activities developed by the bank involve: french retail banking, international retail banking, specialized financial services, asset management, insurance and private banking, corporate and investment banking. The body is focused on rural areas, with a current objective of developing robust presence in different banking markets.
Retail banking

Credit Agricoleís offers its services to personal customers, farmers, all kinds of businesses, and different institutional bodies. The four business lines are as follows: retail banking, tagreting personal customers, retail banking for small businesses, private and corporate banking.
International Retail banking

Credit Agricole has developed a strong network of services offered in Southern and Eastern Europe and in the Mediterranean region. In Italy, 75 % of Cariparma FriulAdria Group is owned by Credit Agricole; in Greece, the bank possesses Emporiki Bank (the second banking network with a 10% market share); in Central and Eastern Europe, the body is present in Poland, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, and Romania via Lukas Bank; in Africa and the Middle East, the institution holds Credit du Maroc and Credit Agricole Egypt, together with five other banks; via Credit Uruguay, the bank is functioning in Latin America.
Specialized financial services

They include consumer finance, factoring (by provision of receivables management solutions), leasing. The bank has opened specialized subsidiaries which handle electronic payments, payment flow processing, payment instrument security, private equity services (development capital and buy-outs), advisory services about disposals, acquisitions, property development, rental management, publishing of financial magazines etc.
Asset management, insurance and private banking

The asset management is entrusted to Credit Agricole Asset Management which operates in 20 countries. In addition, Caceis specializes in asset management for institutional investors and bigger corporations. The bankís division to handle insurances is Credit Agricole Assurances. Private banking is represented by Credit Agricole Private Bank.
Corporate and Investment banking

Calyon (as the Credit Agricole Groupís investment subsidiary) offers banking products related to capital markets, investments, brokerage, structured finance, and commercial banking. Credit Agricole has a strong presence on the French and international markets due to its nomination as a number 1 retail bank in Europe.

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